HRW Raceway

1/10 Mile High Bank D-Shape Track
Red Clay Oval


Hillbilly Raceway  Rules



PLAN  ON  IT !.!...




1. All calls made by SERIES officials are final.
2. Any driver that gets out of their kart while on the track for any reason other 
   than injury or safety reasons will be black-flagged! No exceptions! No Questions
3. All drivers are responsible for their pit crew's actions. Any crewmember showing
    unsportsmanlike conduct will result in their driver being black-flagged
4. Any driver that intentionally causes a caution by spinning out and rolling into the
     racing groove will be black-flagged.
5. There will be no black flag warnings. Rough driving will not be tolerated!
6. Any karts spinning out racing for position, all involved will be put to the rear.
7. Any driver intentionally spinning out another kart will be black-flagged.
8. Any kart causing 2 cautions in 1 race will be black-flagged for that race.
9. There will be no working on karts while on the track. No exceptions!
10. No pit crew members on the track. No exceptions
11. There will be only 2 tries to start race double file. After 2 tries the race will start 
      start single file.
12. Any Person Showing Unsportsman-like Conduct will be asked to leave the premises 
     and will forfeit all entry fees and gate admission.
13. To protest a kart you must finish the race. Only the driver can protest another kart.
14. Any protest must be made before the end of the next race.
15. Protest fees: $50.00 for all classes.
16. Once karts are released onto the track all late karts must bring up the rear.
17. WKA rules and AKRA rules on All Motors
18. Zero Tolerance on all Alcohol Products NO EXCEPTIONS ! ! ! !!!!!!!
19. Rain outs before qualifying, everyone will receive 1st place points and $20 of the $25 
     entry fee will be refunded
 20. Rain outs after qualifying will be paid out per qualifying order

 21. All karts will be required to have four (4) legible numbers on the kart to be scored

22. Safety apperal is to be worn at all times on race track: gloves, neckbrace,helmet
,driving jacket,rib protectors are highly recommended for rookie drivers 

23. If the yellow comes out on white flag lap the chcekerd will be next

24. Sign-ups are over at 5:30 If you are late you will , start at end of Heat Race



Good Luck to everyone racing and watching , let's be safe  and have FUN...