HRW Raceway

1/10 Mile High Bank D-Shape Track
Red Clay Oval

WE WILL HAVE ANY CLASS at this Race Track
IF THERE IS  3 or More
* * *   OUTLAW CLASS   * **
The outlaw class open motor:
 can run 1  cyl motor 500cc  with muffler , the wt  no weight rule with burris skicks. The bodys  will run under the UAS body rules or wka bodys. The body work is to fall within the following parameters the highest point of any body work is 30 inches measured upward from the ground at the rear axle. It may extend backward at the height as far back as the rear bumper. It is to fall under an imagin any line that begains 30 inches above the ground at the rear axle and descends to the center of the front axle center line. Nose pieces are exempt from these dimensions and may be blended to body side boards. External body skin must be made from plastic or a composite material. No sheet metal is to be used to fabricate external body skin. No portion of the kart may stick out or protrude in such a way as to get caught on another kart or create a hazard in the event of contact between the karts
IF THERE IS  3 or More
Beg Beg Red Plate 250 lb 5-10
JR1 Red Plate 250lb 8-10
JR2 Green Plate 275lb 10-12
JR3 Purple Plate 300lb 13-15
Lite 325lb 15-up
Med 350lb 15-up
Heavy 375lb 15-up
Super Heavy 400lb 15-up
Box Stock 365lb 15-up
Outlaw 500cc 1 cyc
Small Block Open

  Top three  will go through  tech .